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Aunt Olga  
04:47pm 07/16/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
My baby niece made her debut at a family gathering clothed in a polka dot dress, which led to a strange story narrated by my grandmother and her sister.

Grandma: Aren't you the cutest in that dress!
Pauline: Just like aunt Olga. She loved polka dots. She must've had ten polka dot dresses.
Me: Wait, I had a great-great aunt Olga?
Pauline: Yes, and she was decapitated in a car accident.
Me: WHAT?!?!
Grandma: She was always telling her husband, "Slow down before you get into a wreck!" Well one day it finally happened and through the window she went, and off came her head. But how she loved her polka dots!
mood: shockedshocked
music: 'Socialite' - TSOL
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(no subject)
01:52pm 07/17/2013 (UTC)
That's an awesome story.
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