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12:17pm 05/04/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

The Film Train showed Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the Riviera last Thursday night. Tasha and I took Mac, and we were more excited for the movie than my nephew was. He was fascinated by the fat German kid falling in the river and getting sucked in the tube. During the Fizzylift Soda scene he was at first amused with the bubbles and the flying, then he shrieked like a banshee the nearer they got to the fan, screaming “They’re gonna die!!“ Despite having to carry a child having a fit out of the theater it had me laughing. He inspected the shut-down arcade games in the lobby for a few minutes then went back in for the last of the movie.

Hit the Ho for breakfast with marynapper. When the Sunday church crowd came around we went driving around in the rain listening to music and catching up until he departed for Waterloo.

One day in the change tray of my car I found what appears to be an antique ring. It’s gold with two leaves, one copper, and a tiny diamond of sorts. Gold usually isn’t my thing but I quite like it. I showed it to my mum, the only woman who’s driven my car recently. Not hers. The only other possibility is a mechanic found a ring on the ground around the shop and put it there thinking it mine.

Last summer’s chelsea hair turned into a pixie cut which started turning into something described only by shaggy or mullet. It’s getting past the weird stage after surviving the urge to shave it again. Tuesday, Jen gave me a fancy cut: a Louise Brooks bob with pointed bangs. I feel foxy.

April rain is late. The grass is coming alive, trees are flowery, I’ve been busy in all means of work. Booked all day at the chiropractor’s office. Phones ringing off the hook at the other office. It’s finals week at the college so there was time spent doing chair massages for two days. One house call cancelled on Wednesday and I made one for my friend’s grandmother yesterday.

Beltane was quiet this year without a proper bonfire. Instead- candles, good company, food, reading, sewing.

fish_guts was in town for the weekend. Went out to Pete’s with her Friday night. Willie was there handing out flyers advertising a Geneva legion hall show. There haven’t been many shows there since the emo kids trashed it a few years back, thus it turned into a big deal and I was overjoyed to go.

After getting done with work yesterday afternoon Fish and I went to the comic shop for free comic book day. I got one based on its title and a kid’s comic about a haunted house to be given to the nephew. Also purchased the first issue of Madame Mirage. The plot so far involves corrupt cyborgs being hunted from the noir perspective of a femme fatale dressed in black and white with a veiled fedora. It’s over the top but I would expect no less. When I have extra money I’m going to buy the next few issues. Fish got her free comics and some Batman buttons. A woman was handing out flyers for an Old West-themed zombie walk. Darth Vader was being engaged by a chatty 8 year-old asking if he didn’t talk because he was shy. In June they’re having another bonanza with the actor who played Cousin Itt and a rock-hurling Ewok. La Jua’s for food since Fish hasn’t been around for it in a while. Then getting ready for the night.

Geneva legion hasn’t changed much at all, only real difference is there are fewer pictures on the walls and Straightedge Kyle isn’t there to make a wall at the edge of the mosh pit. Thrasher came back from Illinois for a performance. I showed up with a gift of gin which went generously consumed. There was hiphop with the Gateway Drug and another group before segueing into the punk music. Pirate Bob manned the grill while his girlfriend’s baby bat daughters hung out in the corner. Z made his debut as a member of the crowd since he’s new to Siouxicide City. With so much dancing and thrashing around Cristian’s fanned hair eventually fell down on top until he looked like he’d been through a hurricane. It was also dyed a pretty blonde that matched the mustard stains all over his face. By the end of the night he and Ren were draped in plastic American flag streamers while he put his head down on the kitchen counter and she fixed up his hawk with one of his multiple hairspray cans. The merch man for the Worried Mothers was drawing weird cartoons for sale on paper plates like a five-headed hand turkey and a vaguely obscene child’s book reference by the title of “The Phantom Glory Hole”. The last band had Willie and Sebastian playing two drum sets and guitar played by the horseshoe-bald guy with a Jedi lock over his right ear whose name I do not remember. I went to high school with him. A few people departed early. Following the show some of us stuck around to pick up bottles and return tables and chairs in preparation for bingo. Somebody played silent movie music on the piano and the guy who referred to me as Houdini had to be roused from where he was passed out on the floor so Willie could finish mopping. By the end I was starving despite coming into possession of a bag of potato chips, so Z and I got French toast and sleep.

I awoke without a hangover, my purple glitter eyeliner still in place and the back of my hair sticking up like a Martian bird in the Looney Tunes space episodes. Work laundry is done for tomorrow, thus I don’t have to pay attention to time for the rest of the day- a comforting feeling. Somewhere along the way I lost the meat to make chorizo pasta for lunch. About to hop on the bike and run up the street to the store.
mood: pleasedpleased
music: The Addams Family
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