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Mock Tiffany lamps, priorities, and a Ukrainian sandwich  
03:52pm 07/25/2015
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

Saturday off work, an acceptable day for coffee. Instead of walking home right after hitting the coffee joint I decided to patronize some of the shops I hadn't yet investigated.

First stop was the mysterious place with lots of globe lights and sun crystals hanging in the windows. It is a boutique.

When I walked in I was greeted with a large choice of faux Tiffany lamps. There were well over a dozen dispersed through the store. Typical dragonfly and peacock motifs. A floor stand with flower shades. Even a cupcake in the childrens' section. Lamps equaling the size of the little purple affair I found in a flea market for $10 going for $130. I can't say how pricey that is in a shop with $70 lace-hemmed yoga pants but a new lamp goes on the Someday list just the same. Right now I don't even have enough space for the ones I already have.

Aside from the clothing they sell decorated umbrellas (the poppy mandala was my favorite), artwork, local salad dressings, LED fountain candles. This painting of

purple water lilies

captivated me. Purple & grey is a favorite color combination. The hues compliment each other very well and the silver lily pads are dazzling.It has extra appeal since I saw purple lilies for the first and only time at the zoo conservatory this past Sunday. Gorgeous flowers indeed.

I was thrilled to find a local Young Living oils vendor especially because I just discovered that my current bottle of precious Thieves oil is down to about 5 drops. It's still going to be a minute before I can afford more- $45/bottle goes on the After Bills Are Paid list. However, I did allow myself a $4 headband made of orange and black upholstery cord, fancy buttons, and ribbon.

Wandering on. The other curious shop is the Ukrainian deli. I was lured in by the sandwich on the sign, expecting more of a full-on sammich shop only to discover it was a true delicatessen. Being in a leisurely mood, I took my time inspecting the contents of the shelves. The majority of labels were printed in Cyrillic so it was mostly a game of trying to guess the contents of certain jars.

Turns out the advertised 'Ukrainian  sandwich' was the only kind they served. Ham and salami with unknown cheese, mayo, spicy carrots. Suspicious ingredients yet quite delicious.

On the walk home I made my way past the house with a rock garden near the street. It has a purple maple, boulders, massive chunks of amber glass, and [usually] a Godzilla toy as the centerpiece. Lately it's been changing. The other day it was a flower pot, today it is a porcelain cat.

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12:22pm 07/27/2015 (UTC)
The Prince of Monstrous Things
Suspicious ingredients are my favourite.
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