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Moon tea served at 3  
12:10am 11/01/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Discovered a new age shop down the street from the family bakery, purchased an elemental book, marched in the Greenwich Village Halloween parade, danced to 'Thriller' in the streets with thousands of other costumed freaks, had not one but two black cats cross my path. All Hallow's Eve was pure success.
mood: winningwinning
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The dancers dance with a fever and delight  
10:53am 10/23/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
I'm very suddenly in love with the antics of the frontman for The Legendary Shack Shakers. His stage presence was captivating throughout flopping around like a landed fish, rooting around in his pants, ripping out chest hair, tossing it into the air and trying to catch it in his mouth. Annnnnd their music was slammin.

As for The Damned, I cannot convey the experience however I may try. Naturally on their 35th anniversary tour they began with the entire set for Damned Damned Damned. Monty Oxy Moron was dressed like a Baroque era composer bastard with paisley shoes while the Captain was garbed in something akin to old British schoolboy's uniform and Dave Vanian was flashing about in fitted mirrored shades, mustachioed and charming as always. While 'Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde' was opening Dave turned this way and that for the crowd to see both sides of his face. His profile as he leaned on the microphone stand is seared into memory, there to stay for ever and ever. Going from rocking out to The Black Album in my living room to having it played for me live I danced stitches into my ribs. The sharp notes are still tearing at my ears. I can still feel the bass trying to stop my heart. At the end of it all I got a white new rose from the stage set.

I nearly wish I had taken a photograph or a video for posterity, but I was less concerned with preserving the moment and more about living in it.
mood: victoriousvictorious
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(no subject)  
12:27am 10/21/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Museum of Natural History, feasting on greasy street gyros and smoke in Central Park, broke down subway, taxi clusterfuck complete with motion sickness, St. Mark's Place for blue cheetah hooker heels, jumping turnstiles, swinging 2 trains back across town, latenight Paranormal Activity. How has your day been livejournal?
music: 'Lovers In The Backseat' - Scissor Sisters
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(no subject)  
06:35pm 09/19/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
A selection from 2010 photography class portfolio taken with my Pentax K1000 and a couple of fun scans.

The cost of fried chicken in New Orleans is well below the national average.Collapse )
music: 'Baby Please Don't Go' - Rose Mitchell
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She's got the power in her hand to shock you like you won't believe  
01:02am 08/03/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
As I've been organizing my school notes into one binder I decided to include this list. Reading it always gives me warm happy confidence even on awful days. In Holodynamics class every student had to stand before everyone and the others would name traits and impressions to describe each girl. Kathy came up with some of the wild ones like being a banker in the 20s with a pinstripe suit and Errol Flynn mustache.

Brenna is (a/an)...

care taker
Irish fairy
criminal investigator
tiny but mighty
painting coordinator
lily-pad jumper
conspiracy theorist
knows who she is
free spirit
loyal friend
open sense of humor
chimney sweep
mental time traveler
warrior princess
introverted but extroverted when need be
costume/wardrobe coordinator
women's rights activist
wild imagination
diplomatic dog
(psychic) medium
old Chinese sage
1920s gentleman banker
(loves) swords
Robin Hood
mood: lovedloved
music: 'Electric Feel' - MGMT
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(no subject)  
11:34pm 07/12/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

The citronella! It does nothing!Collapse )
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You can feel the electricity all in the evening air  
01:47am 07/03/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
The morning started on the good foot when I found my newly purchased original pressing of The Damned Black Album waiting for me outside the door. At Saturday In The Park there was a gorgeous white and purple dress that some other lass would have absconded with had I not been there so early. In the evening I got to yell at drunken fuckbrains, swing from bars and walk on people to the tune of a fantastic Led Zeppelin cover.
mood: elatedelated
music: 'No Quarter'
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(no subject)  
10:02pm 06/29/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
With the floodwaters come hoards of insects. It's like the Amityville Horror outside my window.
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Closed door  
10:42pm 06/19/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Guess who didn't listen when the universe was trying to warn about the cosmic rainstorm outside. During it all I managed to leave my copy of Hunchback of Notre Dame at work so close to the end. Quick side note- there has been a lot of skewed material edited out between the Lon Chaney film (and for obvious reasons, Disney) though the 1939 version with Maureen O'Hara is rather dead-on. The novel's antagonist is the archdeacon Frollo, a highly intelligent and brooding individual fixated on alchemy until the gypsy turns his attention. I would assume the heretic undertones were nixed for public consumption. It must've been bad enough when the book was published nearly 200 years ago. The heroic Captain Phoebus was a manwhore who narrowly missed dying and said nothing while a false confession to murder and witchcraft was drawn from Esmerelda through a torture session. Many words wasted on the layout and architecture of 15th century Paris though I can certainly see it in my head, and there's this weird insinuation about a vagabond poet and his love for Esmerelda's goat Djali.

By chance I found the last volume of the Sandman story The Wake, which needed finishing.

I began the series at the end of senior year in high school before losing it in the background to all the crazy things falling on my head during that first year of independence. Then, the first two arcs disturbed me on levels I couldn't fathom. It was most likely Gaiman's candid view on the gore and sexuality, especially in '24 Hours'. I picked it up again a few years back and caught many more references this time around. His works pans all universes, from all mythology to history to fictional works to alien planes to song references to his own perceptions of concepts like chaos and order, with every single character's mannerisms encapsulated so fittingly. Neil Gaiman knows no bounds in the way he blends our world into the surreal through words. Combined with subtle imagery such as placement of Death and Despair in Morpheus' gallery as he's having a conversation with Shakespeare about how the author has lost so much youth and joy for his work, the entire team of artists put together wonderful graphics to back the storyline.

Looking back on it all I wish to read it again to get a better grasp on the nonlinear plot. Perhaps another time, perhaps it won't take so long.

"I wanted a tale of graceful ends."
mood: lethargiclethargic
music: 'Dreams' - Fleetwood Mac
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Things to do in a flood  
02:19pm 06/14/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

SIOUX CITY - A Missouri man was arrested Thursday, June 2nd for allegedly floating on a kiddie pool down the Missouri River.

Sioux City Police Sgt. Mike Post said Robert Shreeves, 40, was observed floating down the river at 9:54 p.m. on a small inflatable pool that was approximately six inches tall with two floats on the side. He said the raft was approximately 3.5 by 5.5 feet.

"The individual apparently launched this raft upcurrent and drifted down the river," Post said.

Shreeves, of Princeton, Mo., was arrested by the Sioux City Police Department at the boat ramp on Larsen Park Road for a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication.

An official with the Woodbury County Jail said Friday that Shreeves had been released for time served.

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Touch of death  
02:18pm 05/31/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
This weekend has been

slow days & rockabilly & black dresses & swing dancing & feral drunks & flying fists & bloody cop cars & restraining order violations & jail trips & Liz-A-Palooza & party party party & 4 a.m. & tripsitting & electric tattoos & carnival bats & stone birds & fading green & TSOL & sideways torrential rain & unscrupulous men on our heels & out of order ATMs & dead batteries & broken phones & bruised knuckles
music: 'Bloody Holiday' - Nekromantix
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(no subject)  
10:40am 05/14/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Had me some apple pie moonshine. It was delicious.
music: Buck Rogers
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(no subject)  
01:47am 05/13/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
"They took the pay phones out. Nobody uses them anymore," the clerk says to the girl seeking a pay phone.
mood: frustratedfrustrated
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(no subject)  
12:42am 05/04/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Only two eggs were left in the fridge. Perfect for an omelette. The first one was green, as in pickle juice carry-it-outside-so-you-know-your-eyes-aren't-playing-tricks green. I decided against it. The second was okay, though I probably shouldn't have eaten it. I'll know tomorrow.

I would like to thank Sir Elton John for bringing out the middle-aged divas of Sioux City to try and ravage my life for an evening. Old age is not what I fear, it's becoming this:

Precisely why I'm not a girly girl. Such irritating mannerisms aren't what grated at me, it was this entitlement mess with a hairdo so awful I won't liken it to any animal so as not to disrespect the poor thing. I won't start with details - though I was pleased that she got so pissed off she mocked me because I was extremely busy and couldn't cater to her every whim. Not gonna lie, I would've liked to carve her scalp up with a broken glass for a minute. Let's hope the wilted tit got pissy-drunk at the show and forgot about throwing her underwear, much less her problems with one slammed waitress.

Getting back to all car affairs when I have the energy to write about them at a later date. Right now - $75 for a tank o' juice? Jesus Christ Superstar, thank you for bicycles!

On my way home a white Dodge Ram came soaring up in my rearview before narrowly cutting around and right in front of me. It was obvious that multiple stickers have been peeled off for the adhesive partially remained, and the engine purred just like the truck driven by a guy who stalked me for a couple years. I honestly don't know if it was him, I only know it left me with that shaky feeling like I distantly wanted to cry from the stress. Sometimes I like that I'm often disconnected from certain feelings. What bothers me is that the urge remains.
mood: unsociableunsociable
music: 'From Your Mouth' - God Lives Underwater
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(no subject)  
06:01pm 04/30/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

Tastes like sweet Saturday freedom.
mood: jubilantjubilant
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01:39pm 04/25/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
T-minus 5 days until total decompression. They've been allowing me small breaths here and there.

Finals are much easier now that Hydro is gone. Tonight I have to test run a vegan dish to be brought to the Natural Therapeutics final, plus I have to finish making a genogram so that I may gain a better idea of how my family has affected me as a person in both nature and nurture perspectives. Also must finish journaling on the brown rice and dosha diets.

Last class consisted of the juice affairs. Vegetable juice was sort of a freak-out. I quite enjoyed most of them, even celery- I fokkin hate celery. Yet for the very first time in my life I found myself not caring for garlic. Since it was raw, the single tiny clove that Danielle threw in the mix burned all the way to the stomach. I chose to provide beets and apples as well as 2 reports on vitamin/mineral content. Beet juice isn't too terrible, it just smells/tastes like dirt. Luckily we had to mix apple juice in anyway, not only for taste but for the fact that straight beet juice is said to paralyze the vocal cords. There was a frightening red foam whipped up over the liquid. I started using it to stain my lips... and it's that perfect shade of blood-red that I've spent hours looking for and still haven't found due to my pale tone. There was my epiphany: try to make natural lipstick with beet juice. To this Kathy replied that makeup was once made with beets and other vegetables. Can't go wrong with earth shades. If this turns out well it could become a lucrative craft for me.

Today's class Kathy just asked us to clean, mainly the computer lab. The cramming of awkward chairs into that small room drove me up the wall after the holiday fundraiser and so I reassembled it a few months ago, only we didn't have the uniform small green chairs currently in the school's possession. So yes, much better. The students also tended to the small details like washing windows and eraser boards. Robin kept us through lunch in QiGong just to review notes before the tests at the end of the week and make us use Tiger Balm, then let us out at noon.

Muchly looking forward to all the down time. I'm feeling the desperate need for spring cleaning. Not that my house is all out of order; everything needs to be dusted and straightened, furniture needs moved for vacuuming, etc. There's a small jungle in my front window that must be rearranged. I hate having only northern & southern exposure. At least I'll have time for the garden. Since taking Herbal Studies I've been keeping a steady list of plants necessary for more self-reliance when it comes to cooking and home remedies. I also want to try natural pest control solutions (mostly deer) so I don't have to worry excessively about sprays interfering with the desired chemical results.

Scavenged a luncheon of leftover Easter from my mother's house. Now home with everything already tidy with laundry mid-cycle. It's about time to hang out on the couch and catch today's Little House before I go to Terry's and continue in helping her move. She's taking very little with her. I've already helped her clean, hold a yard sale this weekend and have been packing whatever is asked of me. Meantime we've been traipsing all over town between Goodwill and the gold dealer. In the whole move she's given me
***another lawn flamingo ***a massive snake plant, a jade that doesn't look too thrilled, numerous spider plants and wandering jews ***a new (30 year-old) butterfly knife ***a coffee table ***a basket for my medicinal oils and tinctures, jars for the herbs ***a huge array of books (reference tomes, Vonnegut, Poe) ***stacks of obscure VHS flicks that I probably couldn't find on DVD ***a besom broom ***trays of rocks that now reside with the houseplants ***the dishes she's had for 30 years. All fine things.... I just don't like the feeling that I'm flying away with the pickings of someone's past. Not someone so close to me, at least. I've known Terry 4(?) years now. Between our eclectic personalities encompassing traits from off-humor to enthusiasm for literature/movies and my referrals to her worldly knowledge, she's become a dear friend. Watching her material life go out the door is a bit painful because I know at the end I'll never see her again.
mood: busybusy
music: 'Where You Gonna Go' - Demented Are Go!
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knock knock  
11:03pm 04/10/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Is Charlton Heston gonna bust a sexy party? Why yes he is.
music: Soylent Green is people!!
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Glimpses from the rabbit hole  
11:16pm 04/05/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Being late as always, a few days ago I was pressed on the matter of paying insurance or making it to work on time. At the last moment I thought screw it, I was in no mood for cancellation policies. Had I not made that left turn I wouldn't have seen the boy longboarding down the sidewalk while playing a guitar. I cannot convey the greatness.

Yesterday I was running late to work again. At least the chap on a pink Vespa going along Pierce Street made up for it.

Last Sunday, Guy and I decided to ride through Grandview Park. As we made our way up the road a car drove by with a bunch of kids yelling. At the top they sat on the curb over the hillside until we got close, then rolled down their window and just looked at us. I yelled "Do it!" Down they went. Carsledding. It brought back the teenage days when we went in old checker cabs and Cadillacs.

There are two hearses rolling around town. One black with purple flames owned by a guy who attends Briar Cliff, the other straight black driven by a guy who randomly wears a top hat behind the wheel. The other day I found out that it's my long-lost buddy Joe. Last time I saw this lad 3 or 4 years ago, he was the poster hippie kid. I still can't quite believe it until I see it. Earlier today the black hearse was behind me a block. Despite my best efforts to idle down Hamilton, he didn't catch up to me before my next turn. I need to see that boy.

A while back I saw something about purple potates on television and have been curious ever since. Today after a bike ride I wound up at the Asian supermarket where I found a large violet spud for tomorrow night's dinner. Test results to follow.

On the way home from work I saw what started as two guys pushing one another in that friendly combat manner that males do. [Side note- girls aren't allowed to do that with boys when they grow up and they just don't with each other. It confuses the boys. I miss it.] All of a sudden the taller of the two shoved the shorter against the building, proceeded to grab his head and ram his face into the wall. He got a pretty good kick in while the guy was down. I've learned not to interfere with raging testosterone, especially not when it's coming from two hoodlum-looking boys. I sat through a green light and waited until I was sure the receiver of the whoopass didn't have massive hemorrhaging or anything of the sort. Hopefully no brain damage.
mood: morbidly amusedmorbidly amused
music: 'Molly's Lips' - Nirvana
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(no subject)  
01:24am 04/03/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Imagine all the Doctor Whos, drunk, on pogo sticks.
music: Leprechauns laughing
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Cinnamon swirl  
02:46pm 03/30/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
I opened a new package of bread only to discover the loaf was wrapped in cellophane inside the plastic bag. WTF, really?
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ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole ole  
01:06am 03/21/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
This week has been

off days & wrong connections & 40 feet of meat & old friends & long-lost family & evil eyes & talismans & boats & dreams & cathedrals & flags & kilts & pipes & drums & badges & axes & seas of green blood & monetary karma & phone booths & walls & dolls & cops & bondage belts & foxy dresses & kindred spirits & flying high across the moon & one black cat awaiting my return
mood: jetlaggedjetlagged
music: 'Devil's Dance Floor' - Flogging Molly
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(no subject)  
06:04pm 03/09/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Happy Ash Wednesday!

mood: wicked filthywicked filthy
music: 'Bodies' - Sex Pistols
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10:09pm 01/23/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
A koala's brain is the size of a tomato.
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(no subject)  
01:41am 01/13/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Here I am in that exhausted headspace where sticking my head in the oven sounds strangely appealing. Too bad it's electric and I wouldn't get to enjoy the cookies that are currently baking.
music: 'Man In The Box' - Alice In Chains
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(no subject)  
01:38am 01/08/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

The King's bones are 76 today. I'm a quarter of a century old. Less than two hours into the day, already I have a Death comic book from Ash by way of Damon, cake and a can of birthday ravioli from Mish and Charlie. The ravioli will save me tomorrow morning; when I stopped to the store for cereal it was closed. My friends are wonderful people.
mood: gratefulgrateful
music: 'Fever' - Elvis
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(no subject)  
02:14pm 01/03/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

Rang in the new year in Times Square.
Won a tattoo contest for my leg sleeve and got a free piece as the prize. This is how I got my gypsy.
So many birthday surprises!
Got dreamy new skates and back to derby after the rib injuries healed.
Nominated for 'Most Irish Person in Sioux City'
Was in the St. Patrick's parade.
Jumped for Jesus with the black baptists on Easter.
Hitched a ride with some friends to SF for a hippie gathering on Earth Day.
My stepdad's cancer is in remission!!
Mastered my anatomy class and got to dissect things.
Finally figured out what to do with my life!
Applied for/was accepted to/began massage therapy school (aka hippie school) - I've never been happier.
Mushroom hunting.
The carnival was extra-magical this year.
Books, books, books. I've read them all.
Saw Henry Rollins and Social Distortion.
Went to my first pow-wow
Attended some fabulous parties.
Late nights and gin-fueled mayhem.
Stomach and post-ear tattoos.
Found a pair of combat boots that actually fit.
Mish & Charlie got married! It was a beautiful ceremony and the day was flawless. I was honored to be a groomsman in the wedding.
Got the start on a serious work of writing completed.
Modeled for Annika's painting.
Learned how to break a 2x4 with my hand in QiGong.
Got some fancy new cat's eye glasses.
Managed to trade for factory rims and get new tires and functional 4WD, a major improvement on my jeep.
Caught up with old friends, made some new friends.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous all year round.

While Boo Boo, Beau, Audrey & I were with the hippies the earth started bleeding oil. It took months before anyone fixed it.
Fluffy, the capricious black cat I've had since I was 5, died after nearly 20 years. I miss you so much, little one.
Paul from Jones passed away.
Peter Steele left this level, too.
Was unable to join my family on their pilgrimmage to Ireland.
The Bettiemobile decided to eat the radiator. Add that to the fan, tie rod end, sway bar, and pan gasket seal.
Missed a few other planned trips due to financial constraints.
Missed this year's midnight Mass.
My social life pretty much dropped off during the first semester because I was completely absorbed in my schooling.

The year has been incredible. Here's wishing that 2011 is just as horrorshow.
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Ginger detox bath  
01:33am 12/22/2010
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Hello LJ friends, I wish to share some hippie goodness with you! You will need:

1 bath tub, full of hot water (as hot as you can stand it)
1 medium-size ginger root, grated
1 large sock, new/clean
1 sheet or robe

Grate the ginger root, throw it into the sock, and tie it off. Let it steep in the bathwater about 5 minutes before climbing in. Soak 45 minutes to 1 hour. Ginger draws blood to the surface of the skin, so you'll sweat more than you would with regular bath water- and it draws all the nasty stuff out of your body.
When you're done, DO NOT dry off. Cover up with sheet/robe as much as possible and continue to sweat. It's recommended that you sleep it off, but wait at least 1 hour before showering.
Or course, drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.

It really works. Not only did my skin look good afterward, I felt great all around. And I'm not a girly bath person.
mood: cleanclean
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Only in 'Merkuh. Honly in 'Merkuh.  
12:20am 12/20/2010
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
The expired Nyquil hasn't knocked out any cold symptoms. Instead I'm on a magic carpet ride.


Christmas has gone largely undetected by my radar this year. Now that it's down to less than a week I'm sort of catching the spirit. I snerked when I saw some guy in a business suit wearing a Santa hat. Tomorrow I'll finish Christmas shopping (did that today) and make some red and green sugar skulls.
mood: loopyloopy
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(no subject)  
01:33pm 12/12/2010
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Until today I never really understood how ray guns work. And then I read up on the phased plasma rifle. Hmm. My mind is expanded.
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(no subject)  
10:18pm 11/30/2010
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
‎[This is my stretching class syllabus word for word]

Be in clothes you can move in always
No judgment

Respect in class
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