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[sticky post] You come in by sex and go out by death. All else is speculation.  
02:43am 07/05/2004
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!


Here lies the latest facet of online journals since 2001 - this being kept since 2004 with several name changes. Within you will find: recaps of days/weeks written for my own purposes, adventures in the world, commentary on the most inane things, melodramatic metaphors, quotes, links to useful and/or bizarre websites, notes from my days as a student, occasional photo documentation of previously mentioned odysseys. Entries are locked on varying levels due to personal content. Approximately 10% is set to public viewing, mostly highlights from life and trivial things.
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Mock Tiffany lamps, priorities, and a Ukrainian sandwich  
03:52pm 07/25/2015
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

Saturday off work, an acceptable day for coffee. Instead of walking home right after hitting the coffee joint I decided to patronize some of the shops I hadn't yet investigated.

First stop was the mysterious place with lots of globe lights and sun crystals hanging in the windows. It is a boutique.

When I walked in I was greeted with a large choice of faux Tiffany lamps. There were well over a dozen dispersed through the store. Typical dragonfly and peacock motifs. A floor stand with flower shades. Even a cupcake in the childrens' section. Lamps equaling the size of the little purple affair I found in a flea market for $10 going for $130. I can't say how pricey that is in a shop with $70 lace-hemmed yoga pants but a new lamp goes on the Someday list just the same. Right now I don't even have enough space for the ones I already have.

Aside from the clothing they sell decorated umbrellas (the poppy mandala was my favorite), artwork, local salad dressings, LED fountain candles. This painting of

purple water liliesCollapse )

captivated me. Purple & grey is a favorite color combination. The hues compliment each other very well and the silver lily pads are dazzling.It has extra appeal since I saw purple lilies for the first and only time at the zoo conservatory this past Sunday. Gorgeous flowers indeed.

I was thrilled to find a local Young Living oils vendor especially because I just discovered that my current bottle of precious Thieves oil is down to about 5 drops. It's still going to be a minute before I can afford more- $45/bottle goes on the After Bills Are Paid list. However, I did allow myself a $4 headband made of orange and black upholstery cord, fancy buttons, and ribbon.

Wandering on. The other curious shop is the Ukrainian deli. I was lured in by the sandwich on the sign, expecting more of a full-on sammich shop only to discover it was a true delicatessen. Being in a leisurely mood, I took my time inspecting the contents of the shelves. The majority of labels were printed in Cyrillic so it was mostly a game of trying to guess the contents of certain jars.

Turns out the advertised 'Ukrainian  sandwich' was the only kind they served. Ham and salami with unknown cheese, mayo, spicy carrots. Suspicious ingredients yet quite delicious.

On the walk home I made my way past the house with a rock garden near the street. It has a purple maple, boulders, massive chunks of amber glass, and [usually] a Godzilla toy as the centerpiece. Lately it's been changing. The other day it was a flower pot, today it is a porcelain cat.

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Someone give that man a raise!  
11:14am 06/13/2015
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

I'm at a little café called Fat Nat's Eggs enjoying breakfast and a book. From the kitchen I can hear the cook drumming his spatulas, whooping and ringing the order-up bell in time to the music. So far there has been a banda tune, an old Nintendo theme, now Smokey Robinson.

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define: space opera  
05:19pm 04/14/2015
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

I have been wanting to get with posting this year's Project365. Today seems like a good start. Here is the book series that has consumed me in my free time.

About 15 years ago Cartoon Network had a late-night anime block called Midnight Run. After curfew I would settle into a rocking chair and stay up watching shows. I always fought to make it to 3:30 in order to catch a mecha anime called Robotech. If you have seen it you surely remember the rough animation and the horrendous dubbing. Even so, it was an incredible storyline. A few months ago while perusing reddit, I discovered that the show was novelized in 1987. Immediately I ordered the books. Ever since, I will ramble about them to any fool who makes the mistake of asking me about them.

The Macross SagaCollapse )

It begins in 1999 during what is essentially WWIII. With skyline-shattering ocean-boiling thrusters an alien ship crash-lands in a southern Pacific island and effectively ends the conflict, an effort not so easily done as narrated in the show. Macross City grows around the ship (the Super Dimensional Fortress One; SDF-1) during a ten-year period of reverse engineering. On launch day it sends out a homing signal that draws the Zentraedi aliens that have been searching for the ship, a race of Spartan giants who are cloned and groomed for nothing but war by the triumvirate Robotech Masters.
The humans attempt to launch and it continously goes wrong from there. They turn on the anti-gravity drives full power only to have the drives rip through the flight deck and fly up into the sky as the ships crashes down. Somehow they get the SDF-1 airborne and hit the hyperspace fold drive at 2,000 feet. Instead of their projected dark side of the moon, their underestimation of power finds them near the orbit of Pluto along with much of Macross City. Nevermind the blood-freezing vacuum of space, they get the citizens in the sealed shelters aboard the ship. The community rebuilds inside the ship thanks to 3D printing, recycled gasses and the vague powers of Robotechnology. Nevermind the food supply.
The Terrans take two years getting back to Earth using Lagrange points while being harassed by the Zentraedi, who could easily destroy them but have orders to capture the ship without damage, as it houses one of the few sources of a mysterious force called Protoculture.

The humans are constantly running into disaster. Once back on Earth the captain cannot convince anyone to take in the citizens of Macross since all have been declared dead by the antagonistic United Earth Defense Council, who have manipulated the media into 3 different explanations, the official statement being a Krakatoa-magnitude volcanic eruption. Captain Gloval responds by flying the ship over population centers and broadcasting open-frequency with a plea to disembark the citizens until Ontario decides to accept them. Meanwhile in orbit, the Zentraedi make their move to attack. The SDF-1's 'pin-point barrier system' overloads and destroys the city of Toronto. Naturally the people are rejected and condemned to the ship as the Robotech Defense Force is ordered to wander the solar system as a lure.

The books fill in a lot of the limited details from the anime along with the timeline. It's strange to think that the story begins in 1999 and ends in 2015; shortly before I began watching until now. Plus I don't have to endure Minmei's awful singing that powers the theme of love and emotion toppling an empire of warriors. There was a lot of death in the show, yes, but here everything is gruesomely realistic. One scene describes launch catapult officer Moira Flynn during earthbound alien attack. Blazing Veritechs are falling from the sky and she must bulldoze the wreckage into the ocean to clear room for more launches.

Most characters are fleshed out, though the main male character seems more flat than in the cartoon. I didn't realize what a brooding, jealous asshole he is until I could read inside his head. The love triangle has become a love square complete with a dead fiance's doppelganger and incestuous third cousins. The action scenes and description of the mecha are well-written, so that I can easily visualize what's happening. 97% of the earth's surface is destroyed by Zentraedi bombardment in both adaptions, though the novels describe radiation hazards and the great struggle to bring vegetation or any life back from the brink of extinction. Physics of deep space attempt to explain that which is not lost to pure fiction.

There's also character development on the enemy side. The three defective Zentraedi spies are my favorite. They are the comic relief in their failed attempts to understand the non-militaristic side of society. At one point I was cackling aloud when they mistook a tall open-top clothing donation bin for a basic survival test.

The show was adapted into short books which were later compiled. I have seen only the Macross saga, which lasts 2 compilations (originally 6 books), about 1,000 pages altogether. It has me so hooked I ordered the remaining 3 omnibus books: Southern Cross and the Sentinels. What do you know, just as I was updating this my next door roommate knocked on the door with one of the books in the mail. It's like magic.

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(no subject)  
02:28am 03/31/2015
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

The first warm night of the year allows me to be outside while repotting the house plants. There must be dozens of snakes slithering around in the grass right now; the entire yard sounds like it's alive and moving.
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Mezcal Saturday  
10:03pm 02/28/2015
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

This chap is telling me about the ingredients in snake wine. Looked it up here on my sparkly new Bat Phone because I am mystified by the idea right meow and came across this treat: a snake managed to survive the pickling process and bit the owner of the bottle.

location: Planet X
mood: highhigh
music: 'Sonic Reducer' - Dead Boys
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Losing daylight  
03:35pm 12/21/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Beannacht – A New Year Blessing
~ John O’Donohue ~

On the day when
The weight deadens
On your shoulders
And you stumble,
May the clay dance
To balance you.

And when your eyes
Freeze behind
The grey window
And the ghost of loss
Gets into you,
May a flock of colours,
Indigo, red, green
And azure blue,
Come to awaken in you
A meadow of delight.

When the canvas frays
In the currach of thought
And a stain of ocean
Blackens beneath you,
May there come across the waters
A path of yellow moonlight
To bring you safely home.

May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
May the clarity of light be yours,
May the fluency of the ocean be yours,
May the protection of the ancestors be yours.

And so may a slow
Wind work these words
Of love around you,
An invisible cloak
To mind your life.
mood: peacefulpeaceful
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'I wonder what the afterlife is like.' 'Obviously they have phones there.'  
08:20pm 11/17/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

Creepy true story:

I woke up the morning of October 18th, checked my phone and saw a missed call from my uncle George at 1:52.
George died October 11th.
After I got the call I went over to see his husband, who claimed the phone was off and in a drawer.

mood: lovedloved
music: 'God Willing' - Dropkick Murphys
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Darkness by Lord Byron  
01:25pm 10/25/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!


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The return of Bonsai Man  
08:02pm 08/08/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Many wanderings and adventures have been had this summer. The best include touching Peter Murphy's shoe (when he was wearing it!) and running around at 4 a.m. playing Capture the Flag while dressed as a pirate. Tales to be told later.

p.s. I'm rockin a mohawk now.
mood: busybusy
music: 'Suffragette City' - David Bowie
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Masters of the show  
12:17pm 05/04/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

The Film Train showed Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the Riviera last Thursday night. Tasha and I took Mac, and we were more excited for the movie than my nephew was. He was fascinated by the fat German kid falling in the river and getting sucked in the tube. During the Fizzylift Soda scene he was at first amused with the bubbles and the flying, then he shrieked like a banshee the nearer they got to the fan, screaming “They’re gonna die!!“ Despite having to carry a child having a fit out of the theater it had me laughing. He inspected the shut-down arcade games in the lobby for a few minutes then went back in for the last of the movie.

Hit the Ho for breakfast with marynapper. When the Sunday church crowd came around we went driving around in the rain listening to music and catching up until he departed for Waterloo.

One day in the change tray of my car I found what appears to be an antique ring. It’s gold with two leaves, one copper, and a tiny diamond of sorts. Gold usually isn’t my thing but I quite like it. I showed it to my mum, the only woman who’s driven my car recently. Not hers. The only other possibility is a mechanic found a ring on the ground around the shop and put it there thinking it mine.

Last summer’s chelsea hair turned into a pixie cut which started turning into something described only by shaggy or mullet. It’s getting past the weird stage after surviving the urge to shave it again. Tuesday, Jen gave me a fancy cut: a Louise Brooks bob with pointed bangs. I feel foxy.

April rain is late. The grass is coming alive, trees are flowery, I’ve been busy in all means of work. Booked all day at the chiropractor’s office. Phones ringing off the hook at the other office. It’s finals week at the college so there was time spent doing chair massages for two days. One house call cancelled on Wednesday and I made one for my friend’s grandmother yesterday.

Beltane was quiet this year without a proper bonfire. Instead- candles, good company, food, reading, sewing.

fish_guts was in town for the weekend. Went out to Pete’s with her Friday night. Willie was there handing out flyers advertising a Geneva legion hall show. There haven’t been many shows there since the emo kids trashed it a few years back, thus it turned into a big deal and I was overjoyed to go.

After getting done with work yesterday afternoon Fish and I went to the comic shop for free comic book day. I got one based on its title and a kid’s comic about a haunted house to be given to the nephew. Also purchased the first issue of Madame Mirage. The plot so far involves corrupt cyborgs being hunted from the noir perspective of a femme fatale dressed in black and white with a veiled fedora. It’s over the top but I would expect no less. When I have extra money I’m going to buy the next few issues. Fish got her free comics and some Batman buttons. A woman was handing out flyers for an Old West-themed zombie walk. Darth Vader was being engaged by a chatty 8 year-old asking if he didn’t talk because he was shy. In June they’re having another bonanza with the actor who played Cousin Itt and a rock-hurling Ewok. La Jua’s for food since Fish hasn’t been around for it in a while. Then getting ready for the night.

Geneva legion hasn’t changed much at all, only real difference is there are fewer pictures on the walls and Straightedge Kyle isn’t there to make a wall at the edge of the mosh pit. Thrasher came back from Illinois for a performance. I showed up with a gift of gin which went generously consumed. There was hiphop with the Gateway Drug and another group before segueing into the punk music. Pirate Bob manned the grill while his girlfriend’s baby bat daughters hung out in the corner. Z made his debut as a member of the crowd since he’s new to Siouxicide City. With so much dancing and thrashing around Cristian’s fanned hair eventually fell down on top until he looked like he’d been through a hurricane. It was also dyed a pretty blonde that matched the mustard stains all over his face. By the end of the night he and Ren were draped in plastic American flag streamers while he put his head down on the kitchen counter and she fixed up his hawk with one of his multiple hairspray cans. The merch man for the Worried Mothers was drawing weird cartoons for sale on paper plates like a five-headed hand turkey and a vaguely obscene child’s book reference by the title of “The Phantom Glory Hole”. The last band had Willie and Sebastian playing two drum sets and guitar played by the horseshoe-bald guy with a Jedi lock over his right ear whose name I do not remember. I went to high school with him. A few people departed early. Following the show some of us stuck around to pick up bottles and return tables and chairs in preparation for bingo. Somebody played silent movie music on the piano and the guy who referred to me as Houdini had to be roused from where he was passed out on the floor so Willie could finish mopping. By the end I was starving despite coming into possession of a bag of potato chips, so Z and I got French toast and sleep.

I awoke without a hangover, my purple glitter eyeliner still in place and the back of my hair sticking up like a Martian bird in the Looney Tunes space episodes. Work laundry is done for tomorrow, thus I don’t have to pay attention to time for the rest of the day- a comforting feeling. Somewhere along the way I lost the meat to make chorizo pasta for lunch. About to hop on the bike and run up the street to the store.
mood: pleasedpleased
music: The Addams Family
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Year of the Water Snake  
12:16pm 04/23/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
2013 has lived up to its moniker, swinging back and forth between blessings and despairs.

Turned 27 with little celebration. My beautiful, sweet-tempered niece was born shortly thereafter. Gathered birch bark on the Chinese new year and took ashes at Mass on Ash Wednesday. Worked for a week at NAIA and learned to tolerate basketball. Atop my main jobs as a massage therapist, working between the office and on-sites and house calls, I supervised students during weekend clinicals and began another job slinging plates for extra money for a few months until becoming gainfully employed at a chiropractor’s office in Nebraska, at which point I gave up waitressing again in October. Somewhere in there were a few other job interviews.

Escape from Siouxicide City: our office’s resident nun Sister Julie, Paige, Misty and Straightedge Kyle. Helped Mish and Charlie move up to the Twin Cities in July, then returned in September to see Nine Inch Nails with Chris.

The River Regatta: no boats or racing involved; instead a congregation of Xed-out hippie kids and DJs set up on the banks of the Floyd River. Camped in South Dakota and received a hearty amount of poison oak on the hands and feet. Harassed the Westboro Baptist crowd when they came to town. Worked at the renaissance faire in costume.

Continued honing my naturopathic treatment skills through potions and brews. Abandoned a writing project that I had been working on for years. Now keeping a dream journal. Was introduced to the painfully boring process of jury duty and made money working as part of a focus group. First time yoga student.

Halloween was low-key with a War of the Worlds radio broadcast on Devil’s Night with Liz. Then on Halloween night, trick or treating with my brother’s kids and carving jack-o-lantern turnips with friends. Elvis impersonator at a dive bar for Thanksgiving and my first viewing of It’s A Wonderful Life took place at the Orpheum during the Christmas season.

My collection of horror movies has nearly tripled. I’ve taken to drinking coffee and quit dying my hair. Developed the habit of swimming twice a week during the summer and once every few weeks during the cold seasons. Occasional Saturday nights at the skating rink.

A family friend passed away. Family has changed, not necessarily for the better. For my part I have not always been a good human. I have been running around in the dark, racking up bad karma. I’ve made a few bad choices, and a few good choices in the wrong order.
mood: indescribableindescribable
music: 'Bang Bang' - Iggy Pop
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Headed north  
05:07pm 09/27/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Sometimes the finer things in life include sitting alone in the backseat of the car in a little Minnesota town eating cold ravioli from a can. Nine Inch Nails tomorrow night.
mood: satisfiedsatisfied
music: 'In Praiuse of Bacchus' - Type O Negative
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Strange omens  
10:07am 08/23/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
This weekend was...

driving around in the rain & being caught redhanded & revelations & latenight confessions & 7 bells & raccoons climbing in the tree & 2 hours of sleep & sinful Saturday & open books & driving around with the punk kids & singing songs at pedestrians & pipe dreams & flying carpets & sippin on gin and juice & skulls in the corner & dancefloors in the sand & drunken shirtless captains & multiple bonfires & magic in the moonlight & discovering glowsticks & new-found talent & dancing til dawn
mood: happyhappy
music: 'Bloodstains' - Agent Orange
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Aunt Olga  
04:47pm 07/16/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
My baby niece made her debut at a family gathering clothed in a polka dot dress, which led to a strange story narrated by my grandmother and her sister.

Grandma: Aren't you the cutest in that dress!
Pauline: Just like aunt Olga. She loved polka dots. She must've had ten polka dot dresses.
Me: Wait, I had a great-great aunt Olga?
Pauline: Yes, and she was decapitated in a car accident.
Me: WHAT?!?!
Grandma: She was always telling her husband, "Slow down before you get into a wreck!" Well one day it finally happened and through the window she went, and off came her head. But how she loved her polka dots!
mood: shockedshocked
music: 'Socialite' - TSOL
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Black 22  
11:38pm 07/05/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
lookit my hair or lack thereof

and the Georgia O'Keefe painting hanging in my room at work

4th of July was talking to a fine Irish cop, seeing friends, getting a haircut, watching Bob Ross and a bad Nick Cage vampire movie, fireworks and flying lanterns and some badly needed sleep.
mood: peacefulpeaceful
music: 'Don't Wanna Know If You're Lonely' - Husker Du
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Winner winner chicken dinner  
03:20pm 04/26/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Yesterday I made a house call to Adam. While working on his neck...

Me: Good god, I'm surprised you can move your neck at all. Your scalenes and SCM muscles are really tense.
Adam: Too much headbanging.

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little brown druid  
02:34pm 03/22/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
For over half a year I've lapsed in my spirituality. I waited until I was far enough out of my winter funk before utilizing the spring equinox to clean the altar- removing offered flowers, dusting the deities, burning the candles. It helped unclutter my mind and give me an extra kick of happiness.

This morning I lit the candles again just to enjoy while eating breakfast at the table and doing morning QiGong with the radio in the background. During one stretch I knocked my special box of altar matches on the floor. Just as I swooped down to pick up the box a God is a DJ moment happened in the form of the Prairie Home Companion host coming on the radio to read the opening stanza of a splendidly hilarious poem, "The Country" by Billy Collins.

I wondered about you
when you told me never to leave
a box of wooden, strike-anywhere matches
lying around the house because the mice

might get into them and start a fire.
But your face was absolutely straight
when you twisted the lid down on the round tin
where the matches, you said, are always stowed.

Who could sleep that night?
Who could whisk away the thought
of the one unlikely mouse
padding along a cold water pipe

behind the floral wallpaper
gripping a single wooden match
between the needles of his teeth?
Who could not see him rounding a corner,

the blue tip scratching against a rough-hewn beam,
the sudden flare, and the creature
for one bright, shining moment
suddenly thrust ahead of his time—

now a fire-starter, now a torchbearer
in a forgotten ritual, little brown druid
illuminating some ancient night.
Who could fail to notice,

lit up in the blazing insulation,
the tiny looks of wonderment on the faces
of his fellow mice, onetime inhabitants
of what once was your house in the country?
mood: impressedimpressed
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Hello small human  
08:21pm 01/11/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Birthday of 27 was on Tuesday. Mum took me to lunch at the Thai joint and baked me a cake, then later at home friends appeared with many a birthday treat. By the end of the night I exercised my powers by refusing to move from the couch and making everyone hand me anything out of arm's reach.
I'm late posting this delightful comic here. What else is new.

mood: contentcontent
music: 'Capricorn' - Orchid
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Saturn Radio pt. 2  
07:21pm 01/03/2013
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

2012 has been...

Quiet days & Reckless Ones birthday show & Koffin Kats & tree chi & bastard kids playing chicken with traffic & getting rearended & throwing a rod & goodbye Bettiemobile & hello Cherry & The Making of the Atomic Bomb & house hunting & goodbye Spook Central & hello Bat Country & saging houses & found jewelry boxes & pawned silver & Texas carnival work & smacking the TV & going underground & internet pirates & Famous for 15 Minutes & fishing & midnight swimming & supersonic glory days & Dracula sucks & bartering for tattoos & domesticity blues & territorial pissings & music video extras & Todd’s Flying Service & corn stars & Charlene the Bel-Air & Good Omens & camping & Bluebeard & county fairs & country clubs & church bazaars & Victor’s 5th birthday & Danse Macabre & caged birds & 3rd anniversary & Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde & hosting a wicked costume party & Sasquatch sightings & harvesting my herbs & making essential oils & old jobs & new jobs & financial life rafts & The Phantom of the Opera & a ghetto Christmas & an anticlimactic New Year
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: 'North Side Gal' - J.D. McPherson
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Still waiting for an apology  
05:07pm 11/30/2012
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
mood: angryangry
music: 'Homicide' - 999
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additional absurdity  
11:39pm 10/04/2012
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
A few weeks ago I worked at the Margaritas Manicures & Massages fundraiser. As the name implies, it's a female-centric benefit for the Council on Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence. I found it absurd that hoards of women were flitting about, gushing over bedazzled jeans and oversized purses with zipper rosettes with their money going towards rape and abuse victims. I found it even stranger that I seemed to be the only one who noticed Bob Marley and Harry Belafonte's songs from the Beetlejuice soundtrack playing on the loudspeakers.
mood: 'Shake Shake Shake Senora' - Harry Belafonte
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"Good afternoon there. I'm from the telephone company."  
11:44pm 07/26/2012
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
The death certificate of Bruce Lee states 'death by misadventure'.
mood: the more you know!the more you know!
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textual humor  
04:47pm 05/11/2012
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Liz: Brenna I want to leave my house. Are you home
Me: No I'm at Dani's right now we are going to sage
Liz: What does that mean?
Me: She has a new apartment, we are burning sage to purify the space
Liz: That's what I figured... but with you I never know


Me: Nahnty fahv mahls an hahr! Is that what foreign people hear when they are exposed to Nascar commentary?
Damon: Haahahahahaha I had to read that several times to understand
Liz: Thank you for translating, because all I can hear is ba da ding ding ding ding ding ding ding
mood: amusedamused
music: '100 Pounds of Trouble' - Batmobile
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Living in a doorway  
12:04am 02/20/2012
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

25th birthday was the best celebration I've ever had between seeing most of my old friends at midnight and continuing on later that night with the new friends. Joint party with Bryce.
Beginning in January the boyfriend and I lived in Terry's house and watched her dog, Madyson, while she and her fiancee went around the southern half of the country looking for a place to move.
First Legion show I've been to since I was a teenager. Rockabilly began invading Sioux City with the Reckless Ones. Swing dancing for me!
Hot tubbing and space brownies with Libby for Valentine's Day.
Watched the aftermath of the tsunami that crashed down on Japan. Amidst the dead a nuclear plant experienced a meltdown. Little has been said of it lately (nearly a year later) despite the happy amount of radiation released into the environment.
Tripped to NYC for St. Patrick's, a holy day in my family. Up front for the Fifth Avenue parade. Ellis Island with cousin Julie. Dancing at an alt/goth club. Found a bar hidden inside the false wall of a telephone booth and proceeded to drink with a Fort Worth police officer who's been in multiple COPS episodes.
Terry returned in the latter half of April after finding a new home in Santa Fe. She was ousting most of her stuff so she ended up gifting much of it to me. After helping her pack and seeing her off, life returned to normal.
TSOL in Omaha with Fish.
Bought a 1978 Honda Twinstar.
TSOL in Sioux City with Liz and Libby.
The Missouri River flooding was the highlight of summer.
Worked at Saturday in the Park from beginning to end with my classmates.
Learned to break boards in QiGong.
A motorcycle accident nearly took my best friend. Fish spent a week in the hospital. Justice never caught up with the dickrot who left her for dead in the road; we can only take solace in that he's always looking over his shoulder for karma and the law. Best of all- Fish did not die.
Graduation. I wish to paint many words many directions in my little corner of the internet regarding this day. Trite as it may be, only one works outside my head: Bittersweet.
Tripped across South Dakota for week-long camping all through the Badlands and Black Hills with the boyfriend.
Tripped halfway across Iowa to round up Zim and see Nekromantix with her and Fish.
Boo Boo & Beau moved to California.
Learned how to can with Bonnie.
October trip to the east coast for graduation celebration/Halloween.
Made a trip through the Wall Street protests and stopped in the makeshift library and gathered information on rights organizations. Overall the movement's ideals could actually be beneficial for this country except the demonstrators proved too lofty and unfocused.
The Damned in NYC. Check seeing favorite band off the bucket list.
Witnessed my first Nor'easter, a freak October one at that. It turned out to be a big deal when the leafy branches collapsed with snow weight through power lines and people's roofs.
Was a part of the Halloween parade in the Greenwich Village.
Upon returning home Ann showed me how to get my sewing machine up and running. At the concert a few people had stuck around to ask stagehands for the set lists. I, on the other hand, asked for the fake rose between speakers behind the bassist, which Ann fashioned into a hair flower with an antique glass button and black tulle.
Found gainful employment as a therapist. I adore my profession.
After nearly 6 years of waitressing in the same place the restaurant closed. Tearing everything out, telling dense customers wandering among the mess to fuck off we're closed, and destroying the walls was just the sort of purging needed after working in such a demeaning job under an abusive owner.
Roller skating on New Year's Eve. As humorous as it is, being taken to the skating rink is a dream date.

2012 so far has been... I don't know, actually. There's nothing to complain of and nothing to look forward to each day. The restaurant closing occured between Christmas and New Year's. Happiness was a Sisyphean task for me throughout January.
Following such a year of accomplishments and expansion, being idle and limited on money has gotten to me. After going from a cash-on-hand job as a server to living between paychecks it took a while to pull myself up by the bootstraps. Renewing my practitioner's insurance was expensive however necessary.
My 26th birthday turned out rather uneventful. After the stress of shutting down a restaurant I wanted it that way. Guy took me out to the Reckless Ones show.
Destroying the interior of an old building laden with mold and dust brought my health down just enough so that I didn't feel charged each day for the entire month. At the last doctor's visit before my student insurance expired they dicked me around and nothing whatsoever was done for the low-grade respiratory issue. Mum stepped in with her leftover antibiotics.
In the downtime I've accomplished my spring cleaning. A warm winter has allowed me to open all the windows and get air flowing through the house.
Deleted my facebook account. During the previous year I ranted continually about how useless it was yet kept going back until I took it down altogether. I haven't really missed it. As a matter of fact I've barely touched the internet the past few months. I go about as far as asking google a question or listening to music on youtube. Even my poor livejournal has suffered neglect.
I've returned to my previous school to finally obtain a degree after four years of dicking around there with nothing to show for it. The only thing standing in the way is a computer class. Deferred loan payments the ulterior motive. Already I hate being back in that school.
Last weekend I attended the workshop Brooke put on as a part of her graduation in the instructor's program. We were taught Esalen massage and knocked out 12 of the 24 continuing education credits required for license renewal, something I don't have to worry about for 2 years. The gathering of bodyworkers helped bring out the positive energy that's been dormant within me all this year. Since, I've steadily been feeling better.
For so many good friends moving away I have gained one back, new and shiny. Tara. She attended hippie school in the same graduating class, and Lonnie always chastised the two of us for being too analytical. Together we are the dark-haired earthy Irish girls with an interest in mysticism. Her specialty is palm reading.

This year I am resolved to move, hopefully out of Sioux City. The location I refuse to reveal until plans are set in stone, also to avoid everyone's opinion that will be heard whether I want it or not. If all goes well I will be going far away. Currently I'm working out the financial planning and trying to save as much as possible with what I've got. The goal is to be moving mid-July or later so that I may enjoy one last Saturday in the Park and 4th of July with my family and friends, and to be gone before winter. I don't know how well I would handle another full year here. Only now that I'm trying to disengage my mind from Sioux City do I find its traces of beauty. My brain likes playing tricks like that.
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define: hubris  
08:16pm 12/26/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

2,053 deliberate nuclear explosions.
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some wear leather, some wear lace, some wear makeup on their face  
01:47am 11/16/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!

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(no subject)  
03:58pm 11/07/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
If you google "black milkman and eyeballs" the first result is Henry Rollins.
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Spooky Nintendo music  
03:18am 11/05/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
This past half month has been

refused x-rays & sunrise over Wisconsin & ho phones & dangerous pineapples & car fights & dinosaur bones & 13 clocks & Frankenstein love & blue cheetah hooker heels & purple snakeskin & Saturday night trains & a neurotic ginger frontman & Damned dancing & Damned flowers & making magic & Occupy Wall Street books & foiled Greenpeace muggings & wrong lines & Anton LaVey & questionable dishwashers & Frida Kahlo jalapenos & stolen skulls & borderline serial killers & Egyptian food & an October nor'easter & live wires & flying witch hats & 2 black cats & heads on sticks & 3 God is a DJ moments in 1 day & sunset over Pennsylvania & happy omelettes
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"Do you like gin? It is my only weakness."  
02:40am 11/05/2011
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
Back in my bedroom, having a nightcap while watching Bride of Frankenstein by candlelight. Damn it's good to be home.
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