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Year of the Water Snake  
12:16pm 04/23/2014
Look out, she's got an antiquated knife!
2013 has lived up to its moniker, swinging back and forth between blessings and despairs.

Turned 27 with little celebration. My beautiful, sweet-tempered niece was born shortly thereafter. Gathered birch bark on the Chinese new year and took ashes at Mass on Ash Wednesday. Worked for a week at NAIA and learned to tolerate basketball. Atop my main jobs as a massage therapist, working between the office and on-sites and house calls, I supervised students during weekend clinicals and began another job slinging plates for extra money for a few months until becoming gainfully employed at a chiropractor’s office in Nebraska, at which point I gave up waitressing again in October. Somewhere in there were a few other job interviews.

Escape from Siouxicide City: our office’s resident nun Sister Julie, Paige, Misty and Straightedge Kyle. Helped Mish and Charlie move up to the Twin Cities in July, then returned in September to see Nine Inch Nails with Chris.

The River Regatta: no boats or racing involved; instead a congregation of Xed-out hippie kids and DJs set up on the banks of the Floyd River. Camped in South Dakota and received a hearty amount of poison oak on the hands and feet. Harassed the Westboro Baptist crowd when they came to town. Worked at the renaissance faire in costume.

Continued honing my naturopathic treatment skills through potions and brews. Abandoned a writing project that I had been working on for years. Now keeping a dream journal. Was introduced to the painfully boring process of jury duty and made money working as part of a focus group. First time yoga student.

Halloween was low-key with a War of the Worlds radio broadcast on Devil’s Night with Liz. Then on Halloween night, trick or treating with my brother’s kids and carving jack-o-lantern turnips with friends. Elvis impersonator at a dive bar for Thanksgiving and my first viewing of It’s A Wonderful Life took place at the Orpheum during the Christmas season.

My collection of horror movies has nearly tripled. I’ve taken to drinking coffee and quit dying my hair. Developed the habit of swimming twice a week during the summer and once every few weeks during the cold seasons. Occasional Saturday nights at the skating rink.

A family friend passed away. Family has changed, not necessarily for the better. For my part I have not always been a good human. I have been running around in the dark, racking up bad karma. I’ve made a few bad choices, and a few good choices in the wrong order.
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music: 'Bang Bang' - Iggy Pop
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